Enquire Projects

Easy-to-use web based solution for grant project, program and portfolio managers.

Employ best practice project management. Reduce project administration costs, improve reporting and ensure consistent and effective standards across all types of project management activities.

Deliver successful grant funded projects with Enquire Projects.

Comprehensive Grant Project Management from Planning to Performance

Manage Grant Project

Manage and administer a grant project's entire lifecycle online in a single integrated solution.

  • Employ best practice project management
  • Streamline processes to increase capacity
  • Deliver project status, performance and financial reports

Align to

Connect grant projects to strategic plans and goals to understand outcomes, at a project, program or portfolio level.

  • Align grant projects to strategic goals
  • Link grant project outputs to outcomes
  • Connect contributions across multiple projects

Project, Program
and Portfolio

Complete flexibility to reflect your organisation’s project and program structure.

  • Manage one or more projects
  • Align projects to programs or multiple programs
  • Organise by portfolios

Manage Project

Set and monitor activity against key performance indicators, report project contributions and results.

  • Set key performance indicators
  • Link project outputs to KPIs
  • Measure, monitor and report impacts

Project Administration, Budget Management and Scheduling

Implement Project

Implement best practice project management by enforcing responsibilites standards and processes across your organisation.

  • Standardise project folders and files
  • Create and reuse workflows and templates
  • Customise to meet special requirements


Complete flexibility to create and configure online project workflows that meet your standards and business requirements.

  • Create and configure online workflows
  • Align project team roles to workflow responsibilities
  • Extend business processes to external stakeholders

Project Data
Your Way

Build your own project data capture templates, add custom fields and integrate into templates and reports.

  • Incorporate any existing system data
  • Configure your own user defined fields
  • Automatically integrate data into project templates

Manage Project

Manage, track and report on project budgets from investments to acquittals for better project financial management

  • Connect project tasks to budgets
  • Set up and manage account codes
  • Interface to 3rd party financial systems

Project Reporting, Communications and Engagement


Deliver targeted reports on-demand or scheduled, using any data in Enquire to ensure full support to risk management and decision-making.

  • Report by timeframe, period or other triggers
  • Target audience needs
  • Current and comparable overtime

Build Project

Use Enquire's online project reporting builder to select data required and timeframes for scheduled or ad-hoc reporting.

  • Set project and timeframes
  • Reuse reporting templates
  • Configure custom data reports

Project Status

Quickly view status reports for a project or multiple projects, or report on project issues or activities.

  • Deliver project Gantt charts
  • View status snapshots of all projects
  • Report on project milestones, risks and obligations


Ensure project stakeholders are up-to-date and engaged with detailed project overviews, reports and branded factsheets.

  • Create templates and generate fact sheets
  • Publish fact sheets online
  • Export in industry standard formats, or publish online

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By creating project application templates and smart forms that can be accessed offline and imported directly into Enquire ensuring the information is captured, accurate and stored in one central location. Learn more

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