Enquire Grants

Comprehensive grant and grant program management.

Enquire Grants is a whole of lifecycle grant management software solution. Create online grant applications, accept registrations, administer grant programs, manage grant finances and report performance results.

Improve your grant management delivery and performance with Enquire Grants.

Manage the entire lifecycle of Your Grant Projects and Grant Programs

Manage Grant

Benefit from a grant management system designed for the entire grant lifecycle.

  • Manage any number of grant projects
  • Connect contracts, budgets and project schedules
  • Integrated solution from application to reporting

Align to Plans
and Strategies

Link grants to strategies, align to measureable targets and measure performance.

  • Align grants to strategic plans
  • Set and monitor performance indicators
  • Capture impacts across projects, programs and portfolios

Administer Grant Projects
and Programs

Efficiently administer all aspects of a grant project or an entire grant program online.

  • Set standards once and reuse
  • Organise grants by rounds
  • Configure workflows, alerts, tracking, reporting and document management

Integrate Grant Budgets
and Finances

Comprehensive grant budget and financial management for all payments and transactions.

  • Track funding by project, program or portfolio
  • Manage budgets, payment milestones and funding sources
  • Integrate with 3rd party financial systems

Publish Online Grant Applications and Assess Grant Registrations with Workflows

Online Grant Registrations
and Applications

Publish grant opportunities online and support online grant registrations within a secure grant applicant portal.

  • Publish grants opportunities online
  • Support secure self-registration
  • Interact with applicants throughout process

Build Your Own
Grant Applications

Build your own online grant application forms with customisable templates.

  • Customise and configure grant applications data requirements
  • Set validations, interactions and grant assessment processes
  • Reuse or clone grant application forms

Grant Eligibility and

Configure grant eligibility and assessments to efficiently review, score and process applications.

  • Set eligibility criteria and business rules
  • Assign roles scoring and assessments criteria
  • Streamline reviews with automated validations

Configure Grant
Project Workflows

Create and configure workflows to manage grant projects and support decision-making.

  • Create and reuse online workflows
  • Monitor and track progress
  • Link to contract and financial obligations

Report and Communicate on Projects, Finances and Performance of Grant Programs

Grant Reporting and

Deliver engaging reports and targeted communications on grant projects quickly and efficiently.

  • Create reporting templates
  • Align data to audience
  • Deliver Gantt charts, status and performance reports and factsheets

Financial Reporting and

Deliver accurate real-time financial reports to investors, decision-makers, sponsors and regulatory agencies.

  • Report on inbound/outbound funds, project budgets and contractual payments
  • Configure reports based on timeframes
  • Support needs of multiple stakeholders

Grant Performance

Target performance data, track key indicators and deliver comprehensive grant performance results reports.

  • Track tasks, outputs and contribution to outcomes
  • Report on single or multiple grant projects or programs
  • Automate reporting or generate ad-hoc reports

Targeted Grant

Deliver custom factsheets and grant project reports to enhance engagement with communities, investors and other stakeholders.

  • Set and capture data for each audience
  • Deliver consistent and comparable information
  • Source all data from a single system

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