Enquire Docs

Flexible document management for your grant projects.

Organise grant project documents, set standards and securely engage and collaborate. Ensure complete visibility on all document changes, allow moderated collaboration while tracking all changes with version management.

Attach, share, consolidate, track and manage your grant project documentation.

Flexibily Manage all Grant, Contract and Project Documents

Integrated Document

Simple, practical and effective document management for all grant project documents.

  • Store all project documents together
  • Work from the same document and same version
  • Secure access and availability online

Collaborative Document

Improve grant project team interactions through a shared and moderated document workspace.

  • Allow comments and interaction
  • Moderate and monitor updates and changes
  • Upload documents including email attachments

Secure Role Based

Simple, secure and effective role based access controls to improve project collaboration and communications.

  • Align access rights with user roles to determine privileges
  • Log and track access
  • Extend access to any contact, internal or external

Project Office for

Create a project document office with standardised templates, a project folder and file system and apply organisation wide.

  • Create folders and files for projects
  • Set and reuse project document standards
  • Eliminate local copies, duplications and conflicting sources

Organise, Administer and Store Grant Project Documents Efficiently

Project Document

Ensure all grant, contract and project documents are managed and available when needed.

  • Access all documents in a common workspace
  • Manage attachments and correspondence
  • Search and retrieve on demand

Identify and Group

Improve document management with easy-to-use features to manage versions and meta-data.

  • Set and administer meta-data
  • Update document versions, retain earlier versions
  • Maintain organisation wide data standards

Attach and

Upload grant, contract and project documents, tag and identify attributes to ensure well organised supporting documentation.

  • Upload documents, spreadsheets, images and other industry standard formats
  • File all documents by project
  • Maintain all documents in a single secure location

Search and

Quickly search and access all activity related to a document to improve traceability and reduce administration.

  • Search and advance search options
  • Scan documents to include in search results
  • Use meta-data to enrich document searchability

Integrate Documents into Grant Project Workflows and Business Processes

Integrate Project

Improve grant project management by linking documentation into applications, workflows and project decision-making processes.

  • Incorporate document delivery into processes
  • Link within projects or across programs
  • Ensure availability

Workflows and

Align document requirements and integrate directly into business processes in workflows and forms.

  • Allow document uploads in online grant applications
  • Include in eligibility and assessment reviews
  • Configure tracking and alerts for time sensitive materials

Create and Manage

Add notes on documents about team members, stakeholders, issues and interactions to stay informed and up-to-date.

  • Add notes about a document
  • Manage issues and engagements
  • Monitor activity and interactions

Connect Contacts
and Engagements

Improve work productivity and results by understanding engagements of all team members, anywhere or anytime.

  • Integrate with contact records
  • Link activity and contacts
  • Track engagements or issues

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