Enquire Contracts

Integrated contract management for grant projects and program managers.

Manage contracts for grants and grant funded projects and programs. Streamline contract generation, track contract obligations, align to budgets, payment and reporting obligations.

Manage your contracts from a single online system with access anywhere and anytime.

Complete Contracts Management Solution Integrated with Your Grant Projects

Integrated Grant
Contract Management

Contract Management integrated to support the full grant project lifecycle.

  • Streamline grant contract management
  • Centrally store and manage contracts
  • Integrate obligations to project management

Comprehensive Contract

Simple-to-use features to improve contract administration and management.

  • Administer contract process with online workflows
  • Schedule contract generation, view and verify contract status and review changes
  • Manage all contract related documents

Secure Flexible

Securely share and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders using flexible role based access options.

  • Set role-based user access options
  • Connect internal and external stakeholders
  • Track and monitor all engagements

Manage Contract

Configure and customise contract data captures to support project, budget and reporting obligations.

  • Identify data needs for projects or stakeholders
  • Capture existing data or create custom data fields
  • Align to templates and generate contracts

Flexible Tools to Streamline Contract Processes and Administration

Build Contract

Create contract templates, configure data and set standards to meet contract regulatory, financial and compliance requirements.

  • Use predefined templates
  • Customise contract templates
  • Reuse templates


Generate contracts and contract renewals on demand or on schedule, drawing on any data within Enquire.

  • Use templates for quick contract generation
  • Populate with linked data
  • Automatically generate contract renewals


Upload contracts and support documentation, including scanned copies of signed contracts for easy access.

  • Import all 3rd party contracts
  • Attach contracts and support documentation
  • Securely store and access contracts in one system


Intuitively search contracts, supporting documents and engagement activity to easily find important information using advanced filtering options.

  • Search across all contract data
  • Improve searching with meta-data
  • Full text search of attached documents

Manage Financial Obligations, Track and Report on Grant Project Contracts

Manage Milestones

Quickly view and interact with contract milestones and obligations for improved status, financial and compliance management.

  • Set and monitor milestones
  • Align obligations to projects and financial requirements
  • Link obligations to event triggers

Track and

View and report contract status, obligations and other requirements to ensure contract compliance.

  • Track all contract activity
  • Report real time updates on any data
  • Manage financial and compliance risks

Alerts and

Improve traceability, monitor contracts with alerts and reminders, use event triggers to ensure timely contract renewal.

  • Set alerts and reminders
  • Link to renewals and activations
  • Trigger alerts on any contract activity, changes or updates


Capture important contract notes about a contract, supplier or transaction with secure role based access to view and comment.

  • Support access to all stakeholders
  • Collaborate on contract issues
  • Track all discussions

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Using a sophisticated contract management and generation solution that automatically compiles contracts and tracks their status, greatly reducing errors and effort. Learn more

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