Enquire CRM

Contact and client relationship management integrated with your grants, contracts and projects.

Enquire CRM encourages collaboration and efficient business process workflows across your entire grant, contract or project lifecycle by integrating teams, clients, suppliers and partner relationships.

Improve engagement and collaboration for better project delivery with Enquire CRM.

Contacts Management Integrated to Support Full Lifecycle Grant Management

Integrated Contacts

Integrate contacts comprehensively across your grant, contract and project management.

  • Maintain detailed contact profiles
  • Align contacts to project responsibilities
  • Support secure system access and single sign on

Support Contact

Manage and extend contact profiles to improve management and integration.

  • Support one-to-many and many-to-many relationships
  • Align contacts to groups
  • Include external contacts

Engage Contacts
in Processes

Make business processes and decision-making more efficient, traceable and accountable.

  • Align contacts to work processes
  • Connect to project decision-making
  • Extend access to all stakeholders regardless of location or system

Manage Contact

Add notes, issues, tasks and follow-up reminders against a contact record.

  • View and search contacts
  • Track status, issues and follow-up activity
  • Report activity and engagements

Administer Project Teams, Responsibilities and Project Communications

Assign Contact Roles
and Access

Assign roles and access rights, individually or by group, through an easy-to-use administration interface.

  • Connect contacts to project roles
  • Assign responsibilities
  • Ensure access to the required information and tools only

Flexible Contact

Create new contacts, easily import contacts from existing systems, manage record details and group into lists.

  • Merge existing contacts
  • Extend contact profiles
  • Manage profiles, lists and group details

Use Existing

Incorporate all contacts into Enquire using their existing emails for a seamless project experience

  • Use existing email for all contact profiles
  • Connect existing email for alerts and notifications
  • Maintain email lists and groups


Automatically file correspondence in Enquire directly from your email account for better communications management.

  • Connect directly correspondence to Enquire
  • Use # hash tags and ID's in email messages
  • Store all communications and attachments in a single location

Extend and Integrate Contacts Management to Improve Business Processes

Extend Access

Securely add, maintain and support access for external contacts, their roles and involvement across all grant projects.

  • Manage profiles for external contacts
  • Support multiple relationships
  • Integrate into workflows, contract and project activity

Integrate Web

Automatically have new contacts from your website queries entered into Enquire CRM.

  • Add new grant applicant contact records from online forms
  • Use contact records to validate and verify form entries
  • Support self-registration and secure access

Manage Email

Manage lists, exports and mail merging, individually or in bulk, for quick extracts and mail-outs.

  • Import existing contact records, groups and lists
  • Create new groups and email lists
  • Export lists and groups for mail-merging

Contact Look-Ups
and Verifications

Maintain contact record integrity by checking addresses, key business details, locations and government registrations.

  • Verify contact details
  • Validate registrations
  • Interface to other 3rd party systems

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By creating rich profile contact records in Enquire and aligning data sources and information requirements to generate automated reports for each investor's individual needs. Learn more

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