Enquire Health

Comprehensive grant program management for the health sector.

Featuring detailed financial management and extensive data reporting options Enquire Health offers health organisations a flexible online grant, contract and project management solution for grant funded health projects.

Manage single grant projects or multiple health grant programs with Enquire Health.

Integrated Grant Funded Health Project and Program Management

Project and Program

Integrated grant project and program management features covering comprehensive contract, finance and reporting capabilities

  • Manage all aspects of grant projects or programs
  • Support internal and external access
  • Fully managed web based program management system

Flexible and Configurable
Data Management

Identify, capture and manage all important data to support grant funded health projects or programs.

  • Customise data requirements and capture
  • Align and connect data to tasks and outputs
  • Aggregate project data to understand program contributions

Integrated Financial

Manage all financial aspects of grant funded programs with up-to-date and traceable financial management.

  • Track and manage all budget transactions
  • Report on tasks, milestones, projects or at a program level
  • Integrate to 3rd party financial systems

Report Program

Improve performance management with up-to-date health metrics by linking outputs across projects to deliver program results reporting.

  • Set data and configure reporting templates
  • Align health metrics to stakeholder reporting needs
  • Geo-code projects and use GIS mapping to improve project reporting

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By aligning their entire portfolio of work across all programs and projects to combine performance, financial and operational information to generate project, program and portfolio reports for stakeholders worldwide. Learn more

Enquire Health in Action

How does the World Health Organisation’s HMN report financial expenditure and performance across multiple projects and programs?

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