Enquire Plans and Licensing

Enquire is a whole of lifecycle grant project management software solution. Every implementation is licensed to include a full version of Enquire, including Enquires’s CRM and document management modules, and grant applicant portal.

Enquire offers a range of configuration, training and custom development options, including specialised support, to suit every organisation’s requirements.

Enquire Management Portal and Enquire Applicant Portal

Enquire is offered as a management portal for internal team members and an applicant portal for external applicants.

Enquire Management Portal is licensed based on the number of users accessing the system from your organisation. Enquire Applicant Portal is also licensed based on users, and the volume of licenses included is based on your Management Portal license plan.

Additional licenses for Enquire Applicant Portal users can be added as needed.

Project delivery, including customisation, configuration and data migration and implementation are priced separately and are dependent on each client’s requirements.

Plan Inclusions

Every installation of Enquire includes a full version of Enquire Management Portal. This includes all Enquire modules which are: Enquire Grants, Enquire Contracts, Enquire Projects, Enquire CRM and Enquire Docs.

Enquire’s user based license plans are designed to eliminate the substantial expenses organisations face managing, maintaining and supporting software systems in-house. Included in the standard Enquire Management Portal license:

  • Unlimited Data and Bandwidth
  • System Hosting and Upgrades
  • Telephone Help Desk
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Online Help Knowledge Base
  • Application Management
  • Email Support
  • Testing and Training Environment
  • Data Storage/Back-ups
  • Security Management

Plan Options

Enquire plans offer flexibility for any number of users for the Enquire Management Portal. Additionally special licenses for read only access options can be arranged. Applicant Portal user volumes are licensed based on your plan, covering a set number of user accounts, with the option to add more as needed.

Enquire User Plans

5 Users

25 Users

50 Users

100 Users

175 Users

300 Users

Applicant Portal User Plans

500 Users

2,500 Users

5,000 Users

10,000 Users

17,500 Users

30,000 Users

Note: Applicant Portal Users are included in Enquire licensing, with plans covering a base level of licenses (registered applicants) for the Applicant Portal. Licenses are per annum and can be scaled for more applicant users as needed.

Get more information on pricing and other licensing information, contact us to discuss your requirements.

What’s Next?

Get more information on Enquire’s grant, contract and project management solution.

Training Services

Enquire training can be provided as part of an Enquire project implementation or separately on an as-needed basis. Training can be customised to the needs of any organisation with a focus on the area(s) desired. On-site and video conferences options are available.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss training arrangements.

Training Services

Web Based (2 hrs)

1/2 day (*on site)

Full Day (*on site)

Additional fees




* Note that additional training service fees exclude travel costs. Training is based on a capacity of up to 8 participants at any one time.

Additional Services from Enquire

Enquire offers organisations greater flexibility with additional service options to meet every requirement. From dedicated technical support to custom development Enquire can deliver a configurable and customisable experience to meet your organisations’s needs.

Grant Applicant Portal – Grant Applicant Portal Licenses

All Enquire installations include Enquire’s Grant Applicant Portal. Applicant Portal provides organisations with a fully branded website to display grant opportunities, allow applicants to search, self-register and apply for grant opportunities, track and manage applications and interact with eligibility and assessment requirements.

Applicant portal licensing is based on your Enquire user licensing including an initial base of Applicant Portal external user licenses. Additional licenses are available as needed at any time.

Enterprise Support – 24/7/365 Premier Help Desk Support

24/7/365 Premier Support provides dedicated and prioritised support based on the demands of your organisation. This service includes priority and dedicated ‘break-fix’ incident based service. Enquire users or Applicant Portal external users can submit priority support requests regarding a point in time problem and receive direct assistance resolving the issue.

Specialist Account Services – Dedicated Senior Account Manager

A Senior Account Manager is an Enquire specialist and single point of contact to manage the solution implementation, planning, growth and ongoing support requirements.

Additional Web Services – APIs, Data Migrations, Integrations and Technical Support

Interface or integrate with other 3rd party systems, create custom features and capabilities, configure templates, workflows and reports and undertake data migrations.

The Enquire team can investigate, analyse, develop and support diverse special requirements with a project team including Project Managers, Business Analysts, Senior Technical Engineers, Developer and Testers.

Hosting Environments – Additional Hosted Environments

Additional environments are available for supporting APIs, web services, special disaster recovery requirements and off-site private back-ups as required.

Private Cloud – Private Cloud/Hybrid Cloud

Enquire can be installed, managed and fully supported in a managed private or hybrid cloud configuration to cater for organisations that have specialised security and data location management requirements.


Get to Know the Enquire Advantage

  • Web based, available 24/7/365
  • Enterprise-class solution
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Full support and training
  • Built on best practice standards
  • Software as a Service (Saas) license
  • Monthly user-based pricing
  • No bandwidth or hosting fees

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