Implement Enquire

As Enquire is a Software as a System (Saas) service implementation is simple and fast, with significant flexibility to customise the core platform to meet any organisation?s requirements.

Our clients do not require any local IT assets to support the system, no servers, maintenance, or local installations, only a computer with an internet connection and a web browser. Access anywhere, any time.

Comprehensive Grant Management Solution

Enquire leads the way in delivering a high performance grant management software solution for grant projects and grant programs. Focused on full lifecycle information management for grants, contracts and projects it is a mature and evolving system. First released in 2005 it has continued to develop, growing to offer the most extensive range of features and capabilities of any grant project management solution. Adoption has grown to include organisations including government departments, health, international aid, environment and not for profit organisations throughout Australia, and internationally.

Flexible Implementation

Implementation can be standard or specialised, with focus on support for individual business area or organisation-wide requirements. This gives our clients a grant, contract and project administration system that can be tailored or adapted to suit their challenges, business processes, compliance and management information needs. It also means our clients do not have to comprise functionality and features they desire.

Advanced Technology

Enquire is a Java application built on an SQL database that easily integrates with other core business applications. Built on best practice standards, Enquire offers flexibility and interoperability. The system consists of five integrated feature-rich modules, Enquire Grants, Enquire Contracts, Enquire Projects, Enquire CRM and Enquire Docs that can be configured to provide your organisation with a fit for purpose solution.

Modular Integration

Enquire is compromised of 5 integrated modules to provide a single comprehensive grant project management solution

In addition Enquire offers customised versions of the platform to align better to the needs and requirements of various industry sectors. Enquire has worked with organisations in each of these sectors to offer specific capabilities, such as GIS solutions for natural resource management, to create a feature rich and well-aligned solution.

Enquire modules can be configured and implemented so they align to your current business processes. Part of Tactiv’s core experience looks at business process improvement, and the implementation of a new system, is often a good opportunity to increase efficiencies and streamline existing business and administrative processes.

Customisable and Configurable

Customisations and a variety of other specialised configuration options are available, with many core features offering significant client configurability in both creating and capturing user defined data and also smart components to use and integrate data across a variety of processes. Plus Enquire is interoperable, giving your organisations the ability to connect Enquire into other common systems found in many organisations.

Enquire’s analysts work directly with each and every client to determine the most appropriate configuration for their organisational requirements and ensure each implementation is exactly the right fit with the functionality required and desired. Our analysts are specialists in working with client teams to workshop, asses requirements, develop and deliver customised project implementation plans as well as support ongoing client relationships.

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What’s Next?

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Get to Know the Enquire Advantage

  • Web based, available 24/7/365
  • Enterprise-class solution
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Full support and training
  • Built on best practice standards
  • Software as a Service (Saas) license
  • Monthly user-based pricing
  • No bandwidth or hosting fees

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