Enquire Clients

Enquire is a web-based application designed to provide NFPs, government agencies and departments, and organisations alike with a feature-rich reporting, project, contract, and grant management platform.

Our clients include diverse groups throughout the Australian government, regional Natural resource Management not for profit bodies, environment, international aid and health organisations.

Enterprise Client Solution

Enquire has enjoyed success with not for profits, government, and a variety of enterprise clients who recognise the system’s strong accountability and performance reporting capability, plus its flexibility and ease of use for managing grants, grant projects and contracts. While these innovative comprehensive features were initially designed for natural resources management clients many of the same challenges apply to the broader grants management sector.

Supporting the demands of 24/7 access to business information, contractual obligations and accurate up-to-date reporting means Enquire has developed a reputation as a trusted information management system, supporting business strategy, performance management and risk management in both not for profit, government and commercial organisations.

Enquire enjoys a unique position in the grant, contract and project management market as a mature and intelligent system that supports the entire lifecycle of a grant project, from administration to supporting decision making and strategy alignment through its flexible and intelligent capabilities.

Client Testimonials

QLD Regional Natural Resource Management Organisations
“Enquire stores a single point of truth on DCQ’s funding arrangements and project activities. This ensures immediate access to accurate documentation on critical plans, funding arrangements, projects, activities and performance tracking.

Enquire also allows flexible querying of this information to provide historical background for new strategy and project development. Funding and reporting now occur increasingly within agreed timeframes. This has flow on benefits through our business and out to projects.”

Alan Hoggett, Manager Planning and Information, Desert Channels Queensland Inc.

Queensland Government
“Enquire has streamlined and improved our contract management and reporting processes. By
integrating the various elements of performance management in the one system, it has enabled more
holistic contract and performance management, and helps to show the relationships between various
contractual and reporting elements.”
Claire Carter, A/Snr Project Officer (Knowledge & Information), Regional NRM Programs, Dept. of Environment and Resource Management

Australian Government
“The Australian Government has an imperative to be able to quickly access a suite of financial, project performance and outcome information from the large number of investments it delivers with its partners in state government and regional NRM groups. Enquire has been able to easily replicate business and project management processes at all levels, allowing ease of use by all users, and providing confidence that the information is correct.

Reliable and timely information is a real need for the Australian Government, allowing us to make considered investment decisions and evaluate and improve the way we do business. Enquire has gone a long way to ensuring that can happen in Queensland.”

James Austen, Assistant Director, National Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) Team, Australian Government Lands and Coasts

Enquire is used widely throughout by a large variety of not for profit, natural resources management, government, health and international aid clients. To find out if Enquire is the right grant management solution for your grant projects and grant programs, contact us.

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Get to Know the Enquire Advantage

  • Web based, available 24/7/365
  • Enterprise-class solution
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Full support and training
  • Built on best practice standards
  • Software as a Service (Saas) license
  • Monthly user-based pricing
  • No bandwidth or hosting fees

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