Introducing Enquire

Enquire is Tactiv Pty Ltd’s industry leading grant, contract and project management software solution.

Enquire was developed to more efficiently administer, manage and report on projects involving grant funding. Initially developed for the natural resources management (NRM) sector in Australia it has since grown in popularity with not-for-profits, health, government, environment and commercial organisations in Australia and worldwide.

What is Enquire?

Enquire is a full lifecycle grant management system designed to support enterprise needs. From supporting online applications and applicants through to managing grants, projects, contracts, budgets and reporting, Enquire offers configurable options to meet any requirements.

Leading Grant Management Solution

Enquire allows an organisation to administer, manage and report on grants, contracts and projects, including the ability to customise grant applications and contract documents as well as manage diverse reporting requirements. Because Enquire was originally designed for this complex environment it is uniquely able to support organisations managing projects that contribute to long term program goals or strategic outcomes with multiple projects, grants and contracts that contribute to one or possibly many different performance targets.

As a grant management system Enquire can manage reporting to grant recipients, donors or others that have special reporting needs, likewise with contracts and projects. This has proven to save valuable time and effort in many organisations. Just standardising the grant approval workflows, contracts administration and reporting has saved our clients countless hours of tedious administrative activity while improving data quality and program performance.

Enquire also contains a strategic planning module. This allows organisations the functionality to manage core business administration and reporting requirements, while providing visibility against key activities, and their alignment against organisational goals and strategic objectives.

Supporting Grant Applicants

Enquire has leveraged its strong capabilities in managing grant projects and programs to support organisations who offer grants to end-users, be they public or partner contacts. Offering a branded Grant Applicant Portal to list grant opportunities Enquire provides the tools to create online applications, allow applicant self-registration, interactivity on the application process and secure saving and access for applicants to their grant application.

These feature are coupled with application form builders, configurable workflows, eligibility and assessment scoring and other applicant on-boarding tools to provide a seamless and comprehensive full grant lifecycle management solution.

Across Australia and the World

Enquire is used widely throughout Australia in the NRM sector, boasting land area coverage of more than half of Australia. Alongside the NRM sector Enquire is popular with not for profit, health, government and international aid organisations who are seeking more than a tool to simply administer grants, but rather a solution encompassing the whole end-to-end lifecycle information and performance management capabilities organisations need to grow and succeed. Enquire is rapidly growing its customer base as organisations are faced with increasing demands for traceable, auditable and reliable information on how funds are invested and what is achieved.

Scalable and Flexible

Enquire is offered as a software as a service (Saas) system, catering for clients with one to any number of users and unlimited numbers of projects. It is fully hosted, managed and supported by our own team with extensive online help as well. As a result our clients do not require any local IT assets to support the system, no servers, maintenance, help desk support or local client installations. This has proven incredibly valuable and popular with our clients as they are often under severe pressure to manage and maintain administrative expenses, IT risk and capital costs. Enquire’s monthly license fee, inclusive of training, support and system upgrades makes it easy on the budget and simple for forward planning.

As a Saas system, offered via industry leading cloud based hosting, Enquire is both flexible and scalable to the needs of any organisation. Enquire can also be configured in specialised situations to support on-site or private/hybrid cloud requirements.

Whether your organisation is looking for a simple and effective grants administration and management solution or a full enterprise strength grant information management system the Enquire solution can be tailored and implemented to meet your requirements.

What’s Next?

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Get to Know the Enquire Advantage

  • Web based, available 24/7/365
  • Enterprise-class solution
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Full support and training
  • Built on best practice standards
  • Software as a Service (Saas) license
  • Monthly user-based pricing
  • No bandwidth or hosting fees

In Search of Seamless Grants, Contract and Project Management? Why Not Enquire?