Enquire System Releases

Find information and support details on Enquire's upcoming and latest system releases. With every system release Enquire offers additional help and support content for clients to help understand new features or improvements offered.

Check out details on past updates and upcoming system releases, or contact us if you have an questions about a system release and how it impacts you and your team.

Latest System Releases:

Preview of Enquire System Release 12.0

Enquire’s upcoming System Release 12.0 introduces new features for user-defined data configuration and enhanced reporting options.Enquire System Release 12.0 includes:Self-service reporting for BYO TablesEnhancements to Enquire’s Component Builder including:A bulk add field feature for user-defined componentThe ability to create new user-defined fields within a user-defined componentEnquire System Release 12.0 is due early July 2016. If you have […]

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