enQuire Grants, Contracts and Projects Management Software System

Grant, Contract & Project Management Software

We believe in simplifying administration, better managing workloads and mitigating risk by linking data collected at ground level to your decision makers. enQuire, the complete Grant, Contract and Project Management software system.

Integrated CRM & Document Management

We want to make it easy for you - everything in the one place. Customers, contacts, applicants, team members, correspondence, documents & attachments. enQuire Information Management Software - simple.

Your Complete Grant Management Software System

We want you to be able to use one system from your very first grant application, to your last project acquittal. Simple workflows, easy user management and complete visibility and control over every aspect of your activities.

Mitigate Risks and Improve Project Management

We will take care of the past & keep you on top of the future. Improve process, publish grants, generate contracts and track all your projects while reducing time, cost and errors.

Easy to use, with full help desk support

We want to make a difference to your organisation. Enjoy unparalleled service while saving money. enQuire's cloud means no infrastructure and no maintenance. Completely secure and available in the office, at home or across the globe, no limits.

enQuire Advantage

We've managed $500,000,000 in funds, 15,000 projects, and 1000+ users

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Webinar: Managing Project Performance Outputs and KPIs with enQuire

enQuire's new project performance management features Learn more about how to manage project outputs, KPIs and performance reporting in enQuire.

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enQuire For You and Your Organisation

  • enQuire Not for Profit

    Achieve goals faster and more efficiently with enQuire NFP. Start using enQuire immediately with your NFP grants, contracts and project, an information management system specially designed for the diverse and complex environment Not for Profit organisations face. enQuire - Grants, Contract and Project Management Software.


  • enQuire Natural Resource Management

    Take advantage of many years of experience and reap the benefits from the industry's leading Natural Resource Management information management software, enQuire NRM. enQuire's enterprise strength system incorporates unique tools and business processes that are relevant and required in the NRM environment. enQuire - Grants, Contract and Project Management Software.


  • enQuire Health

    In a complex and fast moving industry, enQuire Health succeeds by focusing on supporting the information management needs of organisations involved in health services and project delivery. Be it projects, CRM or performance reporting on health outputs and goals enQuire Health fits the needs of the Health industry. enQuire - Grants, Contract and Project Management Software.


  • enQuire Government

    Start using enQuire immediately with your grants, contracts and projects with an information management system specially designed to suit the complex environment government departments face. Designed to support the government business model, enQuire means your department doesn't waste time and money fitting into a generic system. enQuire - Grants, Contract and Project Management Software.


enQuire Designed to Meet Your Needs

enQuire IMS

Complete Information management system for grants, contracts and projects

enQuire IMS, an enterprise strength, flexible and customisable end-to-end solution for grants, contracts and project administration, management and performance reporting. EnQuire IMS combines best practice standards and mitigates compliance, financial and administrative risk. enQuire Information Management Software.

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enQuire Grants

Administer, manage and report on grant programs

The industry leading grants management software system, enQuire Grants. Manage all aspects of your grant lifecycle using online applications, workflows and reporting tools. Create your own application forms, track and control funding, administer approvals and improve work process. enQuire Grant Management Software.

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enQuire Contracts

Customise, generate and track contracts

Automated contract management software with enQuire Contracts. Organise, administer, manage and report on contracts in a flexible and configurable system. Easy to use standard contract templates, plus the ability to customise templates with your own unique data fields and more. enQuire Contract Management Software.

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enQuire Projects

Manage projects, workflows, track and report

Enjoy best practice project management software with enQuire Projects. Reduce project administration costs, improve reporting and increase your ability to deliver successful projects. Ensure consistent and effective standards across all types of project management activities. enQuire Project Management Software.

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enQuire CRM

Improve client and stakeholder relations and collaborate

Use enQuire CRM to encourage collaboration and more effective client, customer and partner relationships. Track key engagements, correspondence and communications. Keep projects on track with notes and alerts. enQuire CRM maximises stakeholder interaction and collaboration. enQuire Customer Relationship Management Software.

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enQuire Docs

Online, version controlled, searchable and available 24/7

enQuire Docs, a simple and effective workspace to manage all your project documents. Upload and share documents, track changes and improve collaboration with comments. Share with internal and external stakeholders as desired. enQuire Document Management Software.

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